How to replace or receive Communicators

Requesting Communicators

To request additional Communicators from Theatro, please submit a request to Customer Support with all relevant details such as your name, title, location, and the reason for your request. You can also contact Customer Support by using a Theatro Communicator and saying "Message Tech Support." 

Replacing Communicators

Theatro automatically monitors available Communicators and replenishes supplies as needed. However, you can also contact Customer Support to request a replacement or inquire about upcoming shipments manually.

Returning Communicators

From time to time, Communicators may need to be returned to Theatro for maintenance. However, offline Communicators may be perfectly healthy, needing only to be properly charged or reset. The Steps below outline a few helpful tips for troubleshooting and returning Communicators to Theatro. 

  • Basic Troubleshooting:

    • Press the Communicator's Command Button and wait approximately 60 seconds. If the LED light turns solid orange, it's working!
    • If no LED light appears, check for the following:
      1. Is the Communicator facing in the correct direction? Communicators should face forward when charging, following the same direction as the arrows on the charging rack. Backward-facing devices will not charge properly. 
      2. Is the charging rack working properly? Sometimes the charging rack itself may need to be replaced. Try reseating the Communicators in a different slot or in a different rack and press the Command Button to wake up the device. If the Communicator still does not display a solid orange LED, it should be returned to Theatro. 
  • Return Instructions:

    1. Check your surroundings (breakroom, offices, lockers, charging racks, etc) for all offline or non-functioning Communicators.

    2. After following the Basic Troubleshooting steps above, place all remaining non-functioning Communicators in a box, seal, and attach a prepaid shipping label to return to Theatro. If you need a new label, please contact Customer Support

Helpful Tips:

  1. Non-functioning Communicators should be returned to Theatro on at least a weekly basis. However, you'll want to hang onto their clips to use with the new Communicators you receive as replacements.
  2. We also recommend keeping a small box or bin near the Pairing Station to set aside devices in need of troubleshooting or that should be returned to Theatro. This helps to ensure non-functioning devices are replaced as fast as possible. 

Receiving Communicators

Upon receipt of new or replacement Communicators, immediately press the command button on each device to turn them on and place them in the charging rack. Theatro will then be automatically notified that your new hardware has arrived and is operational.

As always, Communicators should display a solid orange LED once they have been booted up and connected to the network.

For any additional questions or information, please contact Customer Support