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Release Notes: Communicator LED Behavior - 08/2022

release_notes_generic_hero.pngFeature Highlight

The Communicator's LED behavior is now more intuitive than ever! 

With our latest enhancements to the Communicator's LED behavior, we've improved the user experience by making it easier for frontline teams to understand the status of all devices in use, booting up, or charging. 


How it works:



Drivers for change:

  • Powered-down Communicators placed into the charging rack displayed no LED upon boot, leading to premature device replacement requests.
  • Intervals between blinking green LED, indicating normal functionality, were too long and gave users the impression that the Communicator was not functioning properly.
  • LED behavior for receiving and transmitting communication was different (blinking green for transmitting, solid green for receiving).


  • Communicators placed in the charging rack to boot up now display a single purple LED indicator, signaling that boot up has started, followed by a blinking orange LED while the device finishes booting.
  • Reduced interval duration between blinking green LED indications for devices in-use.
  • LED behavior for receiving and transmitting communication is now aligned to display a blinking green LED for both.


  • Improved user experience
  • Improved awareness of Communicator state
  • Reduced number of functional devices sent back to Theatro

New Theatro Hardware Guide:

Print out the Theatro Hardware Guide attachment and keep a copy available near your Pairing Station for reference!