How to order new headsets

Picking the right headset

All 2.5mm corded headsets worn with the Theatro Communicator are purchased directly from third-party vendors. However, to ensure compatibility with the Communicator and to maximize comfort for end users, Theatro regularly tests and qualifies a variety of options from various headset vendors to provide customers with a wide selection of styles, price points, and warranty options.

The vendor recommendations below are some of our favorites. Please note, however, that Theatro is always happy to provide insight and expertise about these or other alternative solutions. Simply submit a request and our Customer Support team will follow up soon. 


Helpful Tip

Before ordering, we recommend checking with store, district or HQ leadership first as they typically will cover the cost of ordering new headsets/ special adapters or replacing damaged hardware. 


Recommended Vendors

1. National Orders, Inc.

2.5mm wired headsets, Bluetooth and Hearing Aid solutions, 3.5mm adapters


2. Custom Ear Piece / Black Diamond Radio 

2.5mm wired headsets


3. Planet Headset  

2.5mm wired headsets