How to use Managers App as a single-location user

Leadership offsite can use the Theatro Managers App on an iOS or Android smartphone to keep teams informed, engaged, and connected. Whether they need to communicate with an individual privately, with a group, or with the entire store, Managers App allows leadership with single-location permissions to send messages and keep operations running smoothly – anytime and anywhere.


Understanding the basics

Once you're logged into Managers App, you'll be able to communicate with your frontline while offsite like never before. And after familiarizing yourself with the features below, you should be good to go!


Availability Status

Beside each team member's name is a colored dot that indicates their current status:

  • Green: User is paired and available
  • Red: User is paired but not currently available
  • Grey: User is not currently paired


  1. Private: Just for you
  2. Everyone: Distributed to everyone within the location
  3. Group: Between you and other designated group members 
  4. Announcements: Teamwide or group communications that expire like Sales Updates, Posts or Huddles

New Message

Send a new message to individuals or groups in your target audience. 

  • Communicate with an Individual

    • Send a message to a single user, even if they are not currently available or paired. Messages are sent to the user's Earbox and will be available for 3 days. 
    • Open a One-to-One conversation with an available user who is currently paired to Theatro and available.
    • Interrupt busy users who are not currently available, opening an immediate two-way conversation.
  • Communicate with a Group or Everyone

    • Use Announcement to post information that everyone can hear for 5 minutes.
    • Record and send a Huddle announcement that all users will receive until it expires at the end of the day.
    • Send a Sales Update to share a brief performance recap from the previous sales segment and set goals for the next sales segment. These updates expire after 45 minutes by default.
    • Open a Group conversation with all available users within a pre-configured group who are currently paired to Theatro and available.
    • Use Interrupt All to broadcast critical information that everyone needs to hear immediately, regardless of their availability status. 


Highlight your favorites in the New Message tab to easily communicate with frequently contacted individuals or groups.



With the Store view, you can easily see who is paired to Theatro and their approximate location within the store.


For more information about how to use the Theatro Managers App as a single-location user, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support.