How to use Managers App as a multi-location user

Leadership offsite can use the Theatro Managers App on an iOS or Android smartphone to keep teams informed, engaged, and connected. Whether they need to communicate with an individual privately, with a group, or with an entire location or region, Managers App allows leadership with multi-location functionality permissions to send messages and keep operations running smoothly – anytime and anywhere.


Managers App Features

The following Managers App features are designed to streamline how you run your stores:


Access all messages and announcements in one convenient location that are organized by 4 key categories:

  1. Private: Just for you
  2. Everyone: Distributed to everyone in a select location
  3. Group: Between you and other designated group members 
  4. Announcements: Teamwide or group communications that expire like Sales Updates, Posts or Huddles

New Message

Send a new message to individuals or groups in your target audience. By default, these messages last for 3 days before expiring and are received by the recipient(s) after they pair to Theatro. In addition, the New Message feature allows you to select:

  • Everyone in one, multiple or all locations
  • Frontline team members or HQ individuals
  • A Group in one or multiple locations, including Field and HQ leaders


Highlight your favorites in the New Message tab to easily communicate with frequently contacted stores or groups.


With the Store view, you can easily see who is paired to Theatro and their approximate location within a specific site. 

For more information about how to use the Theatro Managers App as a multi-location user, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support.